Recessed Pop Up Power Desk Socket With Button

It provides duplex power in a hidden and attractive pop up. When closed the pop up is hidden in your floor, all you see is a stylish square top. When you push the slide button the top tilts open revealing the power outlet. With the capacity of 4 modules, multiple modules can be replaced.

Product model – Product Color
FZ515-B – Black
FZ515-S – Silver

Product Description :
Recessed Pop Up Power Desk Socket With Button is damping structure, making the product last longer. Press the button and it will slowly open, quiet and soft, allowing you to have the most comfortable life experience. It has full voltage USB intelligent fast charge, supports QC3.0, is equipped with Qualcomm identification chip, power conversion rate is more than 80%, and has over charge protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, under voltage protection, overload protection and other intelligent protection functions. Smart home, take you to feel a different life.

Outline Drawing

Main material:
Panel : High-quality aluminum alloy
* Plastic part: high-quality engineering plastic PC
* Socket conductive part : phosphor copper

Basic parameter:
Specification: 10A 250V
* Size of panel :170x123mm
* Size of bottom case :146x123x97.6mm
* Size of hole :(147-150)x(114-118)mm
* Functional prat configuration : 4-bit 45 type

Accept Accessories .:
45 Type ( 45×45mm or 45×22.5mm )
Power , Data , HDMI , USB Charge , Audio
VGA , MIC , TV , etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,