Embedded Pop Up Table Socket

It provides duplex power in a hidden and attractive pop up. When closed the pop up is hidden in your floor, all you see is a stylish square top.
When you push the slide button the top tilts open revealing the power outlet. With the capacity of 6 modules, multiple modules can be replaced.
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Product model – Product Color
FZ517-DZ/L – Black
FZ517-NZ/L – Silver

Product Description :
This embedded pop up table socket with USB charge port features a novel panel design that allows the top cover to stay flush with the desktop when opened. Can be used for special plug socket or multiple plugs at the same time. Damping spring structure, press the button to slowly open the product, give you a comfortable life experience, suitable for conference table, furniture and other multimedia office.

Product Features:
The embedded pop up table socket with USB charge port is damping structure, the product has a high life, slow opening, quiet and soft, comfortable life experience;
Full-voltage USB smart quick charge, supporting QC3.0, carrying QUALCOMM identification chip, power. conversion rate of above 80%, and at the same time, a variety of intelligent protection functions including overcharge protection, over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection, etc. The module is modularized, the interface can be arbitrarily selected, easy to plug and pull.

Outline Drawing

Main material:
Panel : High-quality aluminum alloy
* Plastic part: high-quality engineering plastic PC
* Socket conductive part : phosphor copper

Basic parameter:
Strong current: 10A 250V~
* USB charge output: 5V-2.1A
* Panel size: 240x120mm/2.5mm
* Base box size: 229x110x70mm
* Hole size: (230-235)x(112-115)mm
* Functional part configuration: 6-bit 45 type

Accept Accessories .:
45 Type ( 45×45mm or 45×22.5mm )
Power , Data , HDMI , USB Charge , Audio
VGA , MIC , TV , etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,