Innovative Removable Power Track

Power track solution designed for aesthetic purposes and convenience. This pack includes power sockets equipped with different plugs and universal power socket that are compatible with various kind of plugs. The power track is 50 cm in length and it comes with 2x power sockets that connects to the track magnetically.

Product Details :
Height 2.7
Width 50
Depth 4.5
Cut-out size 49.1× 3.4 cm

USB Charger
Power sockets equipped with USB Type A-& C
ports for charging wide range of devices.

Universal Power Socket
Universal power socket compatible with various
kind of plugs. Providing accessible power source
module in workstations.
Power Track
A seamless 50cm power track equipped
with 1 CAT6 ethernet cable port,
1 HDMI port, and a 1.8m UK power cord
with GST male port.