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What is a track socket? Are track sockets safe? How to install the track socket? Some of the socket is not suitable to replace more trouble! The rise of the track socket has completed the incomparable function of the old socket: the socket is sensitive dragging, dealing with the problem of too short electrical power cord; The socket is not good or the socket is not good, you can add the adapter at will, without the device;
Track and wall or home integration, more show high-end temperament.

flexible configuration .The number of traditional socket installation is determined and cannot be changed. Later, it is found that the number of socket is not enough, and it can only be solved by the plug board,
which is ugly and troublesome .But! With the track socket, you just need to install the socket module on the track. Use the plug board? It doesn’t exist. In addition, the track socket can be customized according to the needs of the length, is also a very intimate design.
The sockets on the rails are removable .Often we encounter is the socket design location is not reasonable, resulting in electrical appliances with insufficient wire length is very embarrassing. Had track socket, can adjust the position of socket at will, need not worry about power supply line to grow not enough again.
Practical and convenient, more safe. Track socket, can be adapted to a variety of different types of socket, only need to plug the socket into the track, clockwise rotation of 90°, LED light, it means power, can be used. When not in use, turn it counterclockwise and the socket will be cut off and the LED lights will go out.
The Carrying Capacity Is Equivalent to the Traditional Socket .Although the track type socket is small, but its carrying capacity has not been reduced. And the track type socket has a specially prepared USB interface, not because there is no suitable charger head can not charge the electricity, if the charger head slope is different, only need to increase this kind of jack on the mobile track, the problem is easily solved.